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Useful websites

TopicSiteWhat is it?
All topicsnhs.uk/NHSDirect/
A-Z Health Information resources,
FAQ’s and contact numbers
Alcoholnhs.uk/conditions/Information and support on drinking
Anxiety and depressionbeatingtheblues.co.ukComputerised self help for depression/anxiety/GAD/panic and relaxation
Cancer screeningcancerscreening.nhs.ukAdvice on absolute benefits and risks of breast, cervical, bowel and prostate screening
Carerscarers.orgAll relevant information for carers
Coeliaccoeliac.org.ukInformation for patients with coeliac disease
Decision Aidsnpci.org.uk Patient decision aids for chronic diseases e.g. AF, HT, lipids.
Use of antibiotics.
Risks of HRT/ COC
Goutukgoutsociety.org/Dietary advice in Gout
Hepatitis Cnhs.uk/hepatitisc/
Patient education on Hepatitis C
IBSibsnetwork.org.ukSelf help for IBS
Infectious diseaseshpa.org.ukAdvice and information on infectious diseases and hazards
Migrainemigrainetrust.orgPatient information on migraine including absolute risks of migraine with COC
Minor Illnessselfhelpguide.nhs.uk/When should I worry (download link) Information and advice for a variety of common symptoms, especially for assessing children
Osteo-arthritisarc.org.ukEducation and advice on Osteo-arthritis
Osteoporosisnos.org.ukInformation and support for Osteoporosis
Parkinson’s diseaseparkinsons.org.ukInformation and support for Parkinson’s disease
Skin conditionsPhotographs and advice on treatment and management of skin conditions
Smokingsmokefree.nhs.uk/Help and advice on how to quit